American Thrift is dedicated to building community and supporting creativity by imagining, booking, promoting and producing music and art events in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We specialize in selecting local and national artists to showcase in alternative spaces with hopes to challenge the music maker/listener divide.

John Tulley. John is an art school dropout-turned-music producer, recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist. Alternately in love with and frustrated by the art and the business of music making, he developed a do-it-yourself—but do it with excellence—mentality in the face of an ever-changing industry. Whether slugging it out on tour, tracking in the studio or promoting great artists, he always finds creative ways to take music from the heart to the ear.
tulley.americanthrift (at) gmail (dot) com

Barrett Black.  Barrett is a seasoned touring musician who loves/does not love life on the road.  His experience on both sides of the house shape his community-centric focus. Besides living room dance parties, he enjoys sushi and wishing he was born in 1950.  His favorite Beatle is George.
black.americanthrift (at) gmail (dot) com

Jeff Roedel. With more than 12 years of experience as a journalist, Jeff Roedel is the editor of  225 magazine. His writing has appeared in New York, Paste, Babble, Gambit’s CUE, Stop Smiling, and The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report among other print and online publicationsIn 2010, he produced Red Stick Sounds, a charity compilation featuring new and previously unreleased songs by Henry Gray, Chris Thomas King, Generationals and others.


One response to “CONTACT

  1. can I just say, first of all, that I’m already a big AT fan, and I’m encouraged by what you guys are doing. Also, if you ever needed a hand with anything, I’d love to be involved any way I can.

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