The seed of all this indecision isn’t me

kingkruleAussie Kevin Parker is a creator of worlds, ethereal, elastic landscapes he records alone and at home with the meticulousness of an architect unbridled by insignificant things like space and time. His second LP as Tame Impala, rather pugnaciously titled Lonerism, bathes in this conceit even as it meditates on the struggles of perseverance and connection on a crest of hummable pop melancholy.

Throughout, it sounds a little like what The Beatles might have come up with had they remained fascinated with psychedelic sounds post-Magical Mystery Tour, had remained active into the glammed-out early ’70s, and had convinced George Harrison to trade in his sitar for a bank of synthesizers…and, well, the best description is probably the band’s latest video confection, a hyperbolic animated piece by Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan. Mixer David Fridmann (The Flaming Lips) brings out a bit of that more famous band’s reverberant psych-affirmation, making these downer lyrics sound more like a big pick me up; one ready for the radio, even if it happens to be a radio on Mars.

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Official Video) – Tame Impala

“Be Above It” – Tame Impala

“Do You Realize?” (Official Video) – The Flaming Lips



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