Rich heritage and better stock

If you haven’t seen the new SPIN magazine, it is honestly worth a look. Expert design house ETC handled the recent (and much-needed) redesign, one that signals SPIN’s evolving approach to printed music journalism in a Web-based world. You can read all about ETC’s mission to make the long-running rock rag look and feel better here and take SPIN’s quick video tour through their new look and approach here.

It’s never to late to think again.



One response to “Rich heritage and better stock

  1. I noticed. It’s worth noting that people are inherently against the physical beautification of journalism, and they will claim to just want the facts, the real story, the bones of truth. But hand someone a thick glossy and a Sunday Advocate, and you know which one will be read first.
    Physical presentation is the only weapon print journalism has against a sea of people who believe the medium has entered the glue factory. Some sick part of me smiles when I think about how that sea of people, by and large, will not realize why a newly-redesigned magazine distracts them for a few more minutes, while we are literally weeping with joy as we watch our creation hold somebody’s attention from the other side of the curtain.
    Make it pretty; sand it, buff it, send it to makeup; pick a trending topic on Twitter and put those words on the cover; dock a journalist and hire half a designer with the money — big pictures, less words, anything; whatever it takes, we will do it if they’d only stop telling people that the printed word is doomed.
    I hope it’s not doomed. But if it is, I hope the curtain is raised before it happens, and the title of “Editor” is swapped out for something that more accurately describes the war zone of an editorial room on deadline. You guys deserve Purple Hearts.

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