Q & A with Dan Tague

We Need a Revolution by Dan Tague
American Thrift recently talked music with the money-minded New Orleans artist. See more of his work here.

What artist do you most frequently listen to while working?
Somewhere between The Smiths and Dead Kennedy’s.

If you could design an album cover for any current artist, who would it be?
A re-release of Wu Tang Clan’s Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

What’s your all-time favorite album and song?
Favorite album is Jane’s Addiction Nothing Shocking. Favorite song would have to be either The Faction “Skate and Destroy” or Suicidal Tendencies “Institution.”

You work a lot with dollar bills. Are there any truly great songs about money?
Sure. Any major rap artist after 1990. Pink Floyd “Money.” I’m sure there’s tons more songs out there.

Would you say the music and culture of New Orleans has influenced your work, and if so, how?
Well Cash Money records is located here. I don’t see a direct connection to that, though. But in some way the music and food industry infiltrate all decisions an artist makes.



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