You say you’re gonna leave me, you know it’s a lie

Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly, 1959

In three short years Buddy Holly wrote and recorded 12 hits, inspired the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan and countless others before dying in a plane crash at age 22. His death in 1959 is, beyond compare, the single greatest loss to the musical landscape of the 1960s. From “Not Fade Away” and “Peggy Sue,” to “Maybe Baby” and “Rave On,” Holly’s songs were each ahead of their time, and while most of his contemporaries were content playing covers or snatching the more energetic and creative sounds coming from underground black artists, Holly was a writer, an originator, a true original.

On June 28, a host of popular modern artists (My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, Julian Casablancas and more) and some golden oldies (Nick Lowe, Paul McCartney and Lou Reed) pay tribute to Holly’s timeless genius on the new compilation Rave On Buddy Holly. It’s about time.

Buddy Holly – “That’ll Be the Day”
Buddy Holly – “That Makes it Tough (demo)”
Buddy Holly – “Slippin’ and Slidin’ (demo)”
The Beatles – “Words of Love” (Buddy Holly cover)
The Rolling Stones – “Not Fade Away -live-(Buddy Holly cover)”



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