Nothing is Original (How to steal like an artist)


Ten years ago, all I wanted to do was find new music; the more I could digest the better. Yet after a decade plus of live shows and a growing desensitization to the rise of internet bands, I’m starting to realize why some “music lovers” out there are so jaded. How can you not be when every band sounds the same? In fact, on several occasions, I feel as if I’ve offended someone by saying something along the lines of “I mean that band’s okay, but I’d rather just listen to [insert 90s screamo band here].”

So this idea that “Nothing is Original” has been in my head for years and has played a part in pushing me towards becoming this unmoved individual when it comes to anything new. But maybe I’ve been looking at those three words the wrong way? What if “nothing is original” is not a complaint. What if we consider it liberating? Maybe it takes people like Austin,TX writer Austin Kleon (Known for his Newspaper Blackout Poems,) to remind us of what’s important, and that “every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of previous ideas.” This isn’t the only one aspect of creativity Austin touches on in his blog post, “How to steal like an artist” He is a great mind and quite the inspiration. So check out this blog post and the others he has written.



One response to “Nothing is Original (How to steal like an artist)

  1. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for sharing!

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